Brother 1034D 3-4 Thread Serger Review

Brother 1034D 3-4 Thread Serger ReviewWhether you are new to the serging scene or you are a veteran looking for a high performance serger, the Brother 1034D serger is the recommended choice. Featuring the 3/4 lay-in thread system, the serger is capable of providing neatly finished edges. There is also an abundance of stitching options to choose from, twenty two to be precise.

Manufactured by one of the most reputed US companies, Brother International Corporation, the serger is designed to work on all kinds of fabrics be it thin ones, thick ones, stretchy ones and even knitted ones. Equipped with a lower looper threader, this serger also allows the user to adjust the stitch width via the use of the left needle or the right needle or both, from 3-7 mm. This is a fast functioning equipment too; on an average, it is capable of generating up to 1300 stitches in a minute’s time.

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  • Highly user-friendly and very easy to thread.
  • The upper and lower looperthreadings are colour-coded and numbered for ease of use. Also comes with a user manual and a video guide.
  • 2 needles and 3/4 thread serger, i.e. 3 or 4 thread overlock.
  • Works on all kinds of fabrics: thin, thick, formal wear, linens, knits, etc
  • 22 built-in stitch functions including specialty ones for bridal wear, heirloom, crafts, home decor, etc
  • Stark white work area with LED lighting (for ease of use at night or in darkly-lit places)
  • Comes with an inbuilt storage space for keeping accessory tools to remove clutter at the work station
  • Equipped with a retractable knife to prevent accidental cutting of the fabric when working with the edges of rolled hems.

About The Manufacturer

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Brother International Corporation is a subsidiary of Brother Industries Ltd., which is based in Japan. Thus, Brother International Corporation is basically the US subsidiary of the latter. It offers sergers, sewing machines, label printers, label makers and so on. It caters to the needs of embroidery and home sewing enthusiasts primarily. It aims at providing user-friendly, high quality and high tech machineries and devices at affordable prices. The company is committed to providing excellent product quality and customer service.

The 1034D serger from Brother comes with a generous 25 year limited warranty. Customers also get free phone support for the serger throughout its product life. The contact number for customer service of Brother is 18772768437.

Thread Capacity

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3-4 threads.

Stitch Functions

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The serger offers 22 in-built stitch functions including both decorative stitches and utility ones. Some examples are rolled hemming, ribbon lock, 3 thread overlock, 4 thread overlock, narrow hemming, etc. The rolled hem edge stitch is great for frilly skirts, lounge pants, napkins whereas the 3/4 thread overlock works great with upholstery fabric and knits. The serger can also be used for flatlock stitch which is great for decorative seams.

Users can also purchase an additional presser feet in order to perform bonus stitch functions such as flat lock stitch, blind hemming, pin tucks, lace insertion stitches, lace joining stitches and so on. Although 22 stitch functions is more than enough, even for a professional, the serger allows users to go that extra mile and create their own unique stitches too!

Compatible Fabrics

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The serger is very versatile in the sense that it can be used on practically all types of fabrics from thin sheer ones to thick ones for formal wear to knitted fabrics to linens and so on. The serger also performs seamlessly on stretchy fabrics. The differential feed ratio of the serger ranges from 0.7 to 2.0, which comes in handy for improving the stitch quality on various types of fabrics.

Ease Of Operation

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The Brother 1034D serger is so easy to operate that even individuals with no prior experience of working with a serger would be able to pick up the basics in no time. It comes with a bilingual operation manual in English and Spanish languages. The manual is very detailed and comes with illustrations to depict the explanation or guide better. There is also a separate manual which guides the user on how to achieve the 22 types of stitches and also provides users with ideas and inspirations for coming up with their own unique stitches.

Since learning by seeing is one of the best ways of picking up new skills for some, the serger also comes with an instructional CD. This CD is perfect for visual learners. Since the content of the manual and the CD is the same, therefore the videos reinforce the lessons taught in the manual and works as a great tool for revision.


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15.3 x 13.1 x 12.6 inches
Weight : 18.1 pounds

Additional Accessories

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Brother SA213 Serger Gathering FootThe Brother 1034D serger comes with an array of additional accessories. These are namely accessory feet (a multi-purpose guide foot and a gathering foot), a foot controller and a soft cover. The accessory feet are snap-on in nature, they are constructed from metal with a few plastic pieces on them and they stay put once ‘snapped on’.

It also comes with an accessory bag which contains a plethora of useful accessories like tweezers, spool nets, hexl wrench, trim trap, 4 spool nets, a needle set containing standard sewing needles. Needless to mention, the serger also comes with the instructional CD, manual and a 25 year limited warranty card.


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  • Probably the best advantage of this serger is the fact that it has a simple and uncomplicated setup. Thus, even beginners would be able to get the hang of using it within a day’s time owing to the detailed guide (both in static text and video formats) provided.
  • This is a multi-functional machine that is highly versatile and can be put to a wide variety of uses. In fact, many users consider it to be the ‘ultimate’ serger because of its range of functions.
  • It comes with thread tension control feature which allows users to manage how tight or loose they want the individual stitch to be, thereby eliminating problems like straying stitches
  • Parts of the serger arm can be removed as per one’s convenience and preference, particularly when sewing cylindrical items like sleeves and collars
  • A knife which can be retracted using a switch, works great for trimming the fabric whilst sewing simultaneously
  • The foot pedal provided is very responsive and useful for adjusting the speed
  • The serger is color coded and has numbered upper and lower loopers, which makes the task of threading seem like a cakewalk! Also, the threading system is designed to ensure that the threads stay in place
  • The serger offers very fast stitching, i.e. up to 1300 spm (stitches per minute)
  • It uses standard sewing needles (like the ones used in most sewing machines), thus saving one from the hassle of getting special needles just for the serger


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  • The serger does not provide cover-lock stitch or chain stitch
  • Unlike 5-thread sergers, this one cannot perform a 3-thread overlock and a chain stitch at the same time.
  • The serger is considered to be slightly louder than standard sergers when in operation.
  • May not work seamlessly with very thick fabrics, such as multiple layers of denim.
  • Does not come with a needle threader.
  • An allen wrench is required for removing or changing the sewing needles.
  • The serger works well only with 120V AC and is not recommended for use in countries which do not support this, even if a voltage adapter is introduced.

Consumer Reviews

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Compared to other sergers in this category or budget, the ratings received by Brother 1034D serger is accurate and definitely impressive. Owing to its commendable performance, versatility and design/build, this serger is securing a good spot in the market amidst the fierce competition.

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Our Rating: 4.8


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As far as the price is concerned, the Brother 1034D serger is reasonably priced and offers good value for money. In comparison to other popular options in the market, this one is a steal. It is a good choice to go for if you want an efficient serger but not something high end that would burn a hole in your pocket.

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Based on various reviews we gathered, The Brother 1034D serger is an excellent recommendation for beginners because it is highly functional and does not cost a bomb. Moreover, even though it isn’t a standard sewing machine, it can still work as a temporary replacement since it is capable of sewing seams. This is a machine that is suitable for those who are looking for a serger to finish hems, create decorative and utility edges and ruffles.

It is also recommended to those involved in making bridal wear as it facilitates the creation of spaghetti straps, fabric flowers, lace stitching, scarf-edge rolled hems and so on. This is a serger that is at both ends of the spectrum, i.e. it is advanced enough to suit the needs of a professional and yet simple enough for a novice or an amateur to use. It makes a great purchase if you don’t intend to burn a huge hole in your pocket and yet do not want to compromise on the functionality and reliability of your serger.

Features Overview

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Feature Brother 1034D 3/4 thread serger
Affordability/Value 5 out of 5
Design 4.3 out of 5
Weight 18.1 lbs
Sewing capabilities 22 built-in stitch functions with possibility of creating unique stitches
Number of threads 3-4
Needle Size Size 11, 14
Differential Feed 0.7 to 2.0
Adjustable Stitch Adjustable from 5mm to 7mm
Stitch Speed 1300 spm (stitches per minute)
Optional Attachments Available Yes

3 comments for “Brother 1034D 3-4 Thread Serger Review

  1. Joanne
    November 13, 2016 at 4:08 pm

    Is this simple to use? I just bought my first sewing machine from Brother as well and I want a serger too. I’m no expert, I just want something that’s simple to use and that doesn’t take up too much space.

  2. Nancy Wilson
    November 14, 2016 at 6:57 am

    Joanne, Since you are a beginner, Brother 1034D 3-4 Thread Serger is perfect fit for you. Read my complete review here to understand this serger. Do not hesitate to contact me, if you have questions.

  3. Amudrone
    June 17, 2017 at 1:50 pm

    Designed for finishing the edges and hems of a wide range of fabrics, including formal wear, linens and stretchy fabrics, and for creating ruffles and decorative edges, the Brother 1034D Serger is the perfect addition to any sewing room.

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